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The Old Munichburg Association
and the Munichburg Neighborhood

Who We Are

The Old Munichburg Association was formed in 2000. We are dedicated to the revitalization of Jefferson City’s historic Southside. The Association is made up of homeowners, business owners, and others who share a love of the district and a desire to promote, preserve, and protect it.

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History of the Munichburg Area

Zuendt house, on the National Register of Historic PlacesMunichburg is Jefferson City, Missouri’s historic “Southside” neighborhood. Dating back to the nineteenth century, Munichburg is located within easy walking distance of the Missouri State Capitol and downtown Jefferson City—but once, it was connected to Jefferson City by a single bridge over Wears Creek.

Settled by German immigrants escaping their homeland’s economic and political upheavals, the neighborhood was soon filled with unique brick homes, businesses, and churches.

Many of the early immigrants had come from the town of Münchberg, in Bavaria, and referred to their new home as “Münchberg” as well. Other Jefferson Citians overheard this term and misunderstood it as “Munichburg”—and the name stuck.

By the turn of the century, Munichburg had become a self-supporting community with its own fire department, inns, schools, and churches, its own dry goods, furniture, clothing, hardware, and grocery stores—even its own brewery!

Munichburg offered the newly arrived German immigrant a place where he could learn American customs and practice his English among other Germans, become a proud citizen of the United States, and also know his children would grow up with an appreciation for their German heritage.

In the second half of the twentieth century, older residents passed on, many of their descendants moved away, and the neighborhood sadly began to deteriorate. Our mission is to revitalize this unique neighborhood.

Munichburg Today

Today, Munichburg is being revitalized, building on its strengths—sturdy brick buildings, enduring business centers, attractive, hilly, tree-lined streets, and a strong neighborhood identity. Although its residents don’t speak German anymore, it remains a place where you can walk nearly everywhere you need to go—a solid neighborhood where ice cream cones, dining, and shopping are available only a few blocks away.

Munichburg was built with love and pride by hardworking German immigrants and is being brought back to life through the dedication of people who are determined that this historic area be preserved and appreciated.

Where Is It?

Munichburg is the historic core of Jefferson City's Southside. "Munichburg in the Southside" comprises approximately fourteen blocks located south of the Rex Whitton Expressway (US 50/63); west of Monroe and Poplar Streets; north of Franklin Street; and east of US 54 West. Throughout the district, Munichburg street banners welcome you to our neighborhood.

The Old Munichburg Association also includes the rest of Jefferson City's Southside in its areas of interest for preservation. This larger district extends beyond the Munichburg core to include areas that are historically tied to the core. The "Southside" extends east to Jackson Street, south to Stadium Boulevard, and west to Myrtle Street to embrace Swifts Highway and the Panorama subdivision of Linden, Laurel, and Holly Drives. Click here to see the map.

Zuendt home photo from the OMA archives, courtesy Jane Beetem.